Oil detector

Oil fuel combustion heat value tester, large calorie Joule detector

Oil fuel combustion heat value tester, large calorie Joule detector

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YPRZ-3A touch screen oil fuel combustion heat value tester

This oil fuel combustion heat value tester meets the requirements of GB/T384 National Standard for Heating Value Inspection of Petroleum Products. It is used to test the heating value of various fuel oils, including petroleum, light oil, heavy oil, diesel, coal tar, asphalt, alcohol, chemical oil, paraffin oil, castor oil, orioil, tire oil, vegetable oil, fire oil, naphtha and other alcohol based fuels, as well as combustible solid or viscous liquid substances such as methanol fuel. It is also suitable for industries such as new energy, power, coal, metallurgy, petrochemicals, quality inspection, environmental protection, cement, papermaking, geological exploration, and research institutes to measure the heating value of various combustible materials such as biomass, new energy, building insulation materials, coal, petroleum, etc.

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Functional features:

1. Adopting American embedded technology, a seven inch large color touch screen operation, and an integrated installation method to ensure the firmness of the touch screen.

2. The selection of CRT display materials makes the touch screen more durable. Multi layer composite film coverage ensures color distortion, reflectivity, and clarity, with sensitive sensing and accurate positioning, effectively appearing in areas with high wear resistance, Chinese character display, and direct operation without the need for an external computer.

3. Automatic water injection, no need to adjust the water temperature, just install the oxygen bomb and put it into the bucket, and the instrument can automatically complete all tests. Reasonable structure, humanized production, reliable performance, and low failure rate.

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4. The Chinese menu style operation interface is intuitive, easy to learn and use, easy to operate, stable and reliable in performance, and adopts strong anti-interference ability through photoelectric isolation of the inner and outer cylinders. Adopting new foam insulation technology, the experimental process is not affected by external temperature.

5. Heat capacity repeatability uncertainty: ≤ 0.2%, precision<0.1%, temperature resolution 0.0001K.

6. This product has excellent performance and reliability even when operating in harsh environments.

7. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy installation and maintenance, and low failure rate. The use of fault diagnosis function is convenient for users to use, and it comes with a prompt for successful ignition.

8. Compact in size, extensively manufactured with molds, with high precision.

9. The repeatability and reproducibility of the heat generation test are better than the standard requirements, and the thermal stability is good.

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Main technical parameters:

1. Heat capacity: approximately 13000J/K;

2. Temperature measurement range: 0 ℃ -40 ℃, applicable range: 5 ℃ -35 ℃;

3. Temperature measurement resolution: 0.0001 ℃;

4. Ignition power supply: 0-30V AC safety voltage

5. Heat generation test accuracy: better than 0.2% (benzoic acid);

6. Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz;

7. Quantitative error: ≤ ± 1g; (Precision 0.0001)

8. Oxygen bomb sealing: Oxygen filling pressure of 2.5-3.5MPa without air leakage

9. Oxygen bomb pressure resistance: 21MPa

10. Mixing power: 3W

11. Oxygen bomb volume: 300ml

12. Inner cylinder volume: 2000ml

13. Mixing speed: Inner cylinder 375r/min

14 Mixing method: The motor is directly inserted into the inner cylinder for mixing

15. Relative difference (repeatability) of five heat capacities: ≤ 60 (J/K)

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