Oil detector

ASTM D92 fully automatic open flash point tester

Product Introduction

Standard GB3536-2008, GB267, ASTM D92. Adopting a full Chinese human-machine dialogue interface with a LCD screen, automatic lifting, menu guided input, excellent technology, easy operation, and high technological content. It can be widely used in departments such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, transportation, commercial inspection, and scientific research.

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Functional characteristics

1. 7-inch industrial color touch screen display, fully Chinese input operation;

2. Equipped with parameter prompts such as experimental date and time;

3. Differential detection, automatic correction of system deviation;

4. Scanning, ignition, detection, and printing of test data are automatically completed by the microcomputer;

5. Electronic ignition and forced air cooling can detect fire-resistant fuel;

6. Adopting a human body induction touch screen, without mechanical contacts, dust-proof and waterproof, resistant to radio frequency interference, and with a long service life;

7. Imported atmospheric pressure sensor, real-time measurement of local atmospheric pressure, automatic correction of measurement data;

8. Using imported PT100 sensors, temperature measurement is fast and accurate;

9. Personalized flame detection circuit enables fast and accurate flame detection, effectively avoiding false positives and missed detections;

10. Using embedded thermal printers, printing is quieter, faster, and clearer;

11. Good anti-interference ability, high-voltage electrostatic ignition does not crash;

technical parameter

Display: 7-inch industrial color touch screen display

Cooling method: Strong air cooling

Measurement range: 20 ℃~450 ℃

Power supply: AC (220 ± 22) V 50 ± 5Hz

Accuracy: ± 2 ℃

Power consumption of the whole machine: 550W;

Resolution: 0.1 ℃

Printer: Thermal sensitive, 36 characters, Chinese character output

Repeatability: ± 3 ℃

Environmental temperature: room temperature~45 ℃

Reproducibility: ≤ 6 ℃

Environmental humidity: ≤ 85%

Applicable standard: GB/T 3536-2008/ASTM D92

External dimensions: 400 x 320 x 280

Ignition method: electronic ignition

Weight: 7.5Kg

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