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Fully automatic oxygen index tester


LOI-A Computer Control Automatic ASTM D 2863 Limited Oxygen Index LOI Analyzer

International Standards:

ASTM D 2863, ISO 4589-2, NES 714

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LOI-A Automatic ASTM D2863 Limited Oxygen Index LOI Analyzer is designed to test combustibility by oxygen concentration, letting us know minimum oxygen concentration for combustion. 

Yzs-8a full-automatic touch-screen oxygen index tester (intelligent type)

Automatic oxygen index tester is used to test the flame retardant performance of the material. Under the specified test conditions, the test material can maintain the minimum oxygen concentration required for the sample combustion in the mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. It is suitable for the determination of burning performance of plastics, rubber, fibre, foamed plastics, film and textile materials.

I. advantages of intelligent automatic touch screen control oxygen index tester

1. Full-color touch screen control: as long as the oxygen concentration value is set on the touch screen, the program will automatically adjust to the oxygen concentration balance and give a sound hint of the di, avoiding the trouble of manually adjusting the oxygen concentration;

2. The step ratio valve is adopted to greatly improve the flow control accuracy, and the closed-loop control is adopted. During the test, the oxygen concentration drift program is automatically adjusted back to the target value, which avoids the disadvantages of the traditional oxygen index tester that cannot adjust the oxygen concentration in the test and greatly improves the test accuracy.

Ii. Main technical parameters of intelligent automatic touch screen control oxygen index tester

1. Imported oxygen sensor is adopted to display the oxygen concentration without calculation, with higher accuracy and more accuracy, and the range is 0-100%

2. Digital resolution: plus or minus 0.1%

3. Measurement accuracy: 0.1 level

4. Set the touch screen program to adjust the oxygen concentration automatically

5. Precision of one-button calibration

6. One bond concentration

7. Automatic alarm sound with stable oxygen concentration

With timing

9. Experimental data can be stored

10. Historical data can be queried

11. Historical data can be cleared

12. Whether to burn 50mm or not is optional

13. Air source fault prompt

14. Oxygen sensor fault indication

15. Oxygen and nitrogen mismatch prompt

16. Oxygen sensor aging tips

17. Standard oxygen concentration input

18. The diameter of the combustion tube can be set (two common specifications are optional)

19. Flow regulation range: 0-25l /min (0-1500l /h)

20 quartz glass tube: two specifications either (diameter 75 or inner diameter or greater or higher 85 )

21. Gas flow rate in combustion tube: 40mm + / 2mm/s

22. Overall dimensions: 650mm x 400 x 830mm

23. Pressure gauge accuracy: 2.5, resolution: 0.01MPa

24. The test environment: the environment temperature: room temperature ~ 40 ; , relative humidity: no more than 70%;

25. Input pressure: 0.25-0.3mpa

26. Working pressure: nitrogen 0.15-0.20mpa oxygen 0.15-0.20mpa

27. Sample clips can be used for soft and hard plastics, various building materials, textiles, fire doors, etc

28. Propane (butane) ignition system, the ignition nozzle is made of a metal, the end has Φ 2 + / - 1 mm inner diameter nozzle, can be bent freely. The flame length: 16 + 4mm, the size of 5mm-60mm can be freely adjusted.

29. Gas: nitrogen and oxygen for industrial use, purity > 99%; (the industrial oxygen purity of user - owned/regular gas station is generally between 99.2% and 99.3%).

30. Power supply requirements: AC220 (+10%) V, 50HZ

31. Maximum power: 150W

32. Self-supporting material sample holder: it can be fixed on the position of combustion cylinder axis and can clip the sample vertically

33. Non-self-supporting material sample holder: can fix two vertical edges of the sample on the frame at the same time (optional/applied to soft non-self-supporting materials such as textiles)

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Iii. Design standard: GB/T 2406.2-2009 GB/T 2406.1-2008

Compliance with standards: ASTM D 2863, ISO 4589-2, NES 714 GB/T 5454 GB/T 10707 GB/T 8924-2005 GB/T 16581-1996 NB/SH/T 0815-2010 TB/T 2919-1992 IEC 61144-1992 ISO 4585-2002 ISO 4589-2-1996

Tips: each bottle of industrial-grade oxygen/nitrogen shall be used as the gas source during the oxygen index tester test. As the above gas is a high-risk transport product, it cannot be provided as the accessories of the oxygen index tester, so it can only be purchased at the user's local gas station. (to ensure the purity of the gas, please purchase it at the regular local gas station.)

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