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Who are we?

Beijing Scicentury Technology Co., Ltd. is an instrument and equipment manufacturing entity that integrates scientific research, development, manufacturing, sales, and service. While focusing on in-depth research and strengthening independent development, actively adopting domestic and foreign new technology standards, seeking to promote collaboration and complementarity, and starting from the development of new products, the products are constantly improved and updated. The company is a production-oriented enterprise dedicated to the research and development of combustion performance testing instruments. With an experienced technical team, it has developed into a composite enterprise mainly producing combustion flame retardant instruments.

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The company's business philosophy is to provide accurate and reliable testing instruments and equipment for scientific research, industrial manufacturing, geological exploration, and highway construction in China. The enterprise has won the praise of many new and old customers with its product quality, reasonable product prices, and warm after-sales service. It provides detailed and reliable equipment and solutions, and has established a wide and friendly cooperative relationship. Its products are not only sold domestically, but also actively expanding its business in foreign markets. To meet the future development needs of the enterprise, regular learning and communication are organized to share scientific research achievements.

The enterprise has a technical team with extensive experience in combustion control technology research and practice, and has control over independent core technologies. Especially in terms of combustion performance testing and control technology, we have achieved good results in fully automatic oxygen index meters, combustion calorific value testers, horizontal and vertical combustion meters, smoke density testers, automotive interior fuel combustion testers, single combustion test devices for building materials, wire and cable combustion test devices, and building component test furnaces. Some instruments can replace imported equipment.

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The business unit of a company under the enterprise produces, sells, and acts as an agent for the operation of over a hundred types of products, including concrete instruments, cement testing instruments, mortar testing instruments, mud testing instruments, geotechnical testing instruments, asphalt testing instruments, highway aggregate instruments, waterproof material instruments, highway rock instruments, road testing instruments, pressure testing machines, maintenance room instruments, and laboratory consumables. Widely used in the production of building materials, construction, road and bridge construction, hydropower engineering and machinery, transportation, petroleum, chemical and other fields for quality inspection.